Ken Kesey was a community innovator of his time. He created a space in which people were given the freedom to find their own means of expression. It is in that spirit that we build on the Farm's rich history and reestablish it as a space in which artists share work and support one another through creative practice.

During the summer, the Farm hosts a five-week artist residency where eight artists are given the opportunity to stay on the Farm, make work, and continue building it as a center for creativity. Feel free to email us at if you are interested in getting involved in the future. 



Heather Benjamin

Daniella Ben-Bassat

Livia Charman

Keko Jackson

Claire Quilala

Early Shinada

Justin Smith

Vinnie Smith


Payton Barronian

Olivia Bates

Kayla Ephros

Nyle Kaliski

Johann Moon

Kate Nichols

Kate Smith

Emily Stebbins