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For over fifty years, the 64-acre Kesey Farm was not only the home of Ken Kesey and his family, but also served as headquarters and ground zero for his work as a writer, artist, playwright, impresario, prankster, and activist. It was also a lively, productive hub and test site for an extensive network of creators and thinkers such as Gary Fisher, Allen Ginsberg, and the Grateful Dead, to name a few. 

In 2016, Ken’s granddaughter Kate Smith and artist Olivia Bates, with the support of the Kesey family, launched the Kesey Farm Project. Furthering the Farm’s role as a place of innovation, and honoring the creative energy and boundless spirit of Ken Kesey, the project fosters a cross-disciplinary community. Developing projects such as an annual five week artist residency, as well as an annual poetry workshop and pop up exhibitions, the Farm works to host programming that support writers and artists from all backgrounds, encouraging collaboration and exploration. While preserving the incredible history, the Kesey Farm Project works towards building a space for the next generation of creative thinkers. 

The Kesey Farm Project is a program of the nonprofit Charitable Partnership Fund, a 501(c)3 organization.